Template Monster Review

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PROS / Template Monster offers the most website templates.

CONS / This service could stand to be easier to use.

VERDICT / This service has a little something for everyone.

Template Monster is the largest, most comprehensive website template service on the Internet. Template Monster continues to add more high quality templates, keep up with technology and popular platforms and they provide great customer service.

Currently Template Monster offers more than 20,000 templates in many popular formats, such as CSS with flash, HTML, dynamic sites for compatibility with a variety of screen types and even many in PSD format. In addition, they now offer turnkey websites, which are fully supported and hosted, the perfect solution for small businesses or organizations.

Through Template Monster you can buy templates individually with a limited use license or you can purchase it as unique and Template Monster will stop selling that template to help ensure that your site appears fresh and distinctive. Template Monster does not offer a membership package; however, most of their sites are available for well under $100.

Royalty-free templates range from about $50 -$150 and can easily be sorted by type and category. Once you have bought a template you can customize it as many times as needed to create content pages for your website. Template Monster offers both unique rights and custom services.

We liked that Template Monster offers not only quantity by a huge variety of template types from WordPress Themes to Dynamic Flash Photo Galleries to Turnkey websites. Really they have everything and if you need more, they have close affiliates that can offer great stock photography, music or hosting packages, which is why we decided to make them our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner.

Template Selection

Template Monster offers more templates than any other service, now more than 20,000 to choose from. And they offer many types, thousands of CSS types with flash, SWISH templates, Dynamic Flash photo galleries and PHP-Nuke. As well as CMS types including Mambo, Joomla and Drupal versions and forum and blog types for WordPress and PhpBB. Many of the Flash templates also come with a non-flash version, so you can incorporate flash style without the animation.

Template Monster's ecommerce templates are more expensive than a typical website template; however, they are complex and offer tons of dynamic features. Templates that use CRE Loaded, ZenCart, Magento and Os commerce are designed specifically for online stores and include several content pages, shopping cart capabilities and different PHP configurations. These templates are about $150 each.

Their newest package is turnkey websites. These include not only the template, but access to an editor, a domain name, hosting, email and more. This package even includes three hours of webmaster assistance per month, unlimited email accounts, access to stock images and 24/7 support. This is really a great package for small businesses or organizations who may feel a bit intimidated about launching their first site. And turnkey sites are perfect for those who want their site up now and do not want to have to worry about all of the tiny details involved in putting a site up like finding a host, manipulating code and so on.

Feature Set

Template Monster has a well organized site and they make it easy for you to find the type of website template that you are looking for quickly; you can sort by product, category, style, template number, author and keyword or even by price range. You can download the desired website for a low price or pay more to shut the sales down and keep the template rights to yourself. One thing we like is that this is one of the only services that tells you how many times a particular template has been downloaded, so you know how popular a template has been before you decide to make a unique purchase. Or if you choose to pay the download price you know how many other times that website design has been downloaded, which may influence to what extent you choose to alter the template.

All of their website templates relate what types of files are included in the download so you can tell right away if they are compatible with your photo editing and website editor. They offer up-to-date formats such as HTML, FLA and SWI and high quality PSD image files. If you have Dreamweaver, the version included with CS3 or CS4, you should be fine, we looked at a sample site with Dreamweaver 8 and it worked fine. They also offer many that are compatible with Microsoft Expressions Web, though sadly for Apple lovers, we did not see any iWeb templates offered.

In terms of extra services they offer customization services, that will alter your downloaded site for you based on your preferences and they provide access to many associated affiliates that offer everything from low priced stock images to royalty free music to website hosting.

Ease of Use

Using Template Monster is extremely easy, they provide numerous search tools and let you know exactly what you need to work with a template. For example, the template details will even tell you what kind of software is needed to unzip the template file as well as the recommended versions for the HTML and photo editors.

Though it may seem annoying at first, there is an anti-fraud check with every purchase. Remember it is for everyone’s protection. Authorization usually takes about a half an hour before you can download your template.


Template Monster has everything you could ask for in a help center. They not only provide email and 24/7 chat support, but also post a user's guide, FAQs, samples and examples of customized templates and a searchable knowledgebase.

The user's guide outlines the process of searching for and buying a template. Online chat is one of our favorite help features, it is fast and available any hour of the day.

The searchable knowledgebase feature lists questions that Template Monster has received over the years through email with their answers. So it covers many topics, they also make it easy for you to find terms of use and their intellectual property rights policies and other licensing information.


Template Monster really is the best of the best, and they just keep getting better. They offer more templates than anyone else, keep on top of technology and provide great support and service. If you are a small company or organization without a webmaster, they offer great complete solutions or if you are a designer, they provide high quality templates that will definitely help you keep your clients coming back to you for more. Everyone wins with Template Monster.