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Website Template Services Review

Why Use a Website Template Service?

You don't need to be a web designer to create a great looking and unique website. Or, if you are a web designer you can save hours or even days of effort by producing websites fast for your clients using a website template service. Website template services offer many types of websites from standard HTML sites to flash websites to auction compatible sites, and they are all customizable. So you can produce product or company specific sites extremely quickly and they will look unique and be browser friendly.

  • Compatibility: All downloadable website files include extremely compatible file types that work with most HTML type editors such as Dreamweaver and they come with high resolution PSD type image files. Many also work with common protocols or services like Joomla, Mambo or blog services like WordPress.
  • Customization: Professional website templates can be altered and often can even be altered a second time for other clients.
  • Cost effective for designers: Most website design templates cost less than $100 per year and include unlimited downloads, you can easily see how you can save hundreds of man hours and keep your clients happy for an extremely small investment.
  • Cost effective for small companies: Hiring a website designer to create a website from scratch could cost thousands. Site templates are created by professional web designers then sold royalty free for a very low price, often for less than $50 for simple website templates.
  • Website Add-ons and Resources: Many of the best website templates also include low priced or free add-ons like 3D animations, music, stock photography, ad banner templates, buttons and more, so you can create a fun and one-of-a-kind site almost effortlessly.

In this site, you'll find articles about website template services, as well as comprehensive reviews on services like Template Monster, Allwebcodesign and Website Templates to help you make an informed decision on which website template service is right for you.

Website Template Services: What to Look For

Premium website template companies should have a large selection of templates compatible with popular editors and browsers. Services that provide HTML website templates ought to be easy to navigate and provide adequate and responsive customer support.

Below are the criteria Top Ten Reviews used to evaluate website template services.

Template Selection
Web page template services should offer numerous templates and template types, including the basics like HTML and flash sites as well as websites in other popular formats such as those for forums, blogs, ecommerce type sites, ZenCart and more.

Feature Set
We looked at how quickly the website template service can help you find just the right template you are looking for, as well as compatible file types and extras like stock photography and customization services.

Ease of Use
All web page templates should be easy to use and the website files should download quickly and be well organized.

Services that provide eCommerce website templates should offer customer and technical support through emails and easily located FAQs and tutorials. And preferably with 24/7 support and chat support for your convenience. We also looked to see if they offered free downloads for testing and website code manipulation practice.

For the largest selection of professionally designed business website templates and the best customer support we could find, see some of the higher rated website template services.